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The First Step Is
To Build Trust

Trust leads to hope. 

To solve a problem you have to understand it.

When it comes to homelessness this means being up close. Most homeless people have similar barriers, such as addiction and mental illness, but each homeless person is different and requires a personalized assessment. This happens best on their own turf - their homeless encampment - where they are the most open, honest and real. This is where you're most likely to build trust, which is the first step to helping a person in need.

Many homeless have trauma and a mistrust in the system. Building trust starts with establishing a connection. This takes time and requires regular, in-person contact. After trust is established and hope returns, they will feel empowered to get help for addiction, mental illness, family estrangement, medical issues. This is when providing the tools and resources they need is most likely to lead to success.

Brook Wilson, Chief of Staff, Office of the Governor, State of Hawaii
"Mr. Dahlgren diligently visited multiple locations, engaging with individuals experiencing homelessness and immersing himself in their living conditions. His genuine compassion and empathy were evident as he interacted with the homeless community, seeking to understand their unique challenges and perspectives."
Officer Chris Watkins, Gresham Police Department
"What I am most impressed with about Kevin is that he simultaneously offers assistance to the homeless community while still holding them accountable for their actions and behavior. This is something not often seen in the “industry of homelessness” but is absolutely necessary for measurable improvements in our society."
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